Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime: Where Should You Advertise?

February 7, 2024

Advertising on streaming services will continue gaining momentum in 2024 as more people switch from traditional TV to streaming. This positive trend is advantageous for your wellness brand! You can reach a wider audience and boost your visibility by harnessing the power of OTT and CTV advertising. However, the question remains: Which OTT advertising platforms should you advertise on?  

While there are many options for advertising on streaming services, the top three contenders hold with Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime. These platforms are the heavy hitters that pack the biggest punch as they boast the highest number of subscribers and offer a wide range of innovative advertising opportunities. Understanding which of these platforms best suits your brand is crucial! 

As you put together your paid media strategy for the new year, take a closer look at each of the OTT advertising platforms and create a recipe for success! 

Popular OTT Advertising Platforms for Wellness Brands 

If you’re searching for the most effective and efficient OTT advertising platforms, choosing between Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime can be challenging—they each offer unique benefits. Taking the time to understand the various intricacies of advertising on streaming services can enhance your brand’s short- and long-term success.   

Let’s discuss the main benefits and information associated with Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime: 


Regarding the leading OTT advertising platforms, Netflix is a front-runner with over 200 million subscribers! From TV shows to movies across all genres, you can tap into a wide range of audiences when you advertise on Netflix. Audience segmentation and targeting are critical to advertising on streaming services; Netflix allows you to target viewers based on location, age, genre, time of day, and content rating. If you choose to advertise on Netflix, you can expect to pay anywhere from $39 to $45 cost-per-thousand impressions.      

Benefits of Advertising on Netflix: 

  • Extensive user base with the opportunity to reach new viewers in your target audience 
  • Access to a large data set with predictive behavioral analysis (viewing history, ratings, etc.) 
  • Build credibility and authority for your brand by advertising on a reputable streaming platform 


With 46.8 million paying subscribers, Hulu is also at the forefront of top OTT advertising platforms. Viewers can access a wide range of movies and TV shows, with the option of including live TV in their subscription. If you advertise on Hulu, you can target specific viewers based on their demographics, purchase history, and personal interests. The cost to advertise on Hulu is roughly $30-$40 per thousand impressions—slightly more affordable than Netflix. 

Benefits of Advertising on Hulu: 

  • Various ad types, such as long-form video advertisements for commercial breaks and pause ads that appear when viewers pause their streaming session 
  • Offers dynamic ad insertion (DAI), which inserts ads into programming in real-time based on specific factors (viewing device, viewer location, etc.) 
  • The Ad Selector feature gives viewers 2-3 ad options to choose from 

Amazon Prime Video 

When discussing OTT advertising platforms, Amazon Prime Video rounds out the streaming giants with  

175 million viewers worldwide. This streaming service is an added feature to the Amazon Prime free shipping subscription for the e-commerce platform. Amazon Prime Video allows users to rent or purchase movies and TV shows in addition to the included catalog they offer subscribers. The average cost of an Amazon Prime ad ranges between $25 and $75 cost-per-thousand impressions.    

Benefits of Advertising on Amazon Prime Video: 

  • Stream your Amazon Prime ad campaign during movies, TV shows, sporting events, and live streams (they also own Twitch, which allows for live stream ads) 
  • Engage your audience with interactive video ads that can be displayed on IMDb TV and Fire TV that encourage the purchase of products through a simple click of the remote 
  • Seamlessly integrate an Amazon store into your video ads 

Should You Advertise Across Multiple Streaming Services? 

Now that you have a better understanding of what Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime offers, eliminating one or two may be difficult. While deciding to advertise on all three can increase your brand visibility, it’s essential to do your research first. As you accurately pinpoint your target audience, each platform will have various ways to reach those viewers. But will this be the right move for your wellness brand? 

There are a few things to remember before advertising across multiple streaming services. Can you afford to run ads on more than one platform? Evaluating your paid media budget can help you determine this. You don’t want to allocate spending to areas that won’t perform well or increase your bottom line. Additionally, do you have the time and capabilities to track many metrics (this can be challenging even for the most experienced individuals)? But luckily, paid media specialists can help you achieve this if your budget allows. 

A Data-Driven Approach to Advertising on Streaming Services  

The difference between advertising on Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime comes down to the specific benefits, features, and costs of each. Regardless of what OTT advertising platforms you utilize, you’re casting a wider net for your wellness brand. It would help if you remained cognizant that although one platform may better align with your budget, another might reach more viewers related to your niche audience.   

If you need help deciding or managing your paid media campaigns, Cultivating Media has the expertise to help your brand stand out within your industry! Our strategy focuses on personalized attention and precise targeting. From multi-platform ad management to comprehensive reporting, we’ll help you rock those paid media campaigns. 

Learn more about our social media, OTT, and CTV advertising management services. Let’s work together to bring your wellness brand to the next level! 

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