5 Keys to Finding the Best Paid Media Specialist for You

October 25, 2023

In the current digital landscape, adding paid content to your overall marketing strategy is essential! But what exactly makes up a paid media strategy? Things like social, paid search, and OTT/CTV ads all add up to growing and reaching goals for your brand. The right mix of these types of paid media allows wellness brands to tap into their audience from all angles, so no potential lead source is left unturned! 

If you’re a wellness brand founder unsure where to start with paid ads, that’s okay! Many business owners in the wellness space face the same uncertainties and challenges when navigating their paid media strategy. You’ve got enough on your plate to manage! That’s where a paid media specialist comes in. A strategic paid media expert helps put the various pieces of the paid content puzzle together in a way that provides the best returns.  

Let’s get into more about what a paid media specialist is and how to find the best partner for your brand!  

What is a Paid Media Specialist? 

Introducing the expert of paid content, the paid media specialist! Paid media refers to any form of advertising or promotional content for which a brand pays. It stands in contrast to “owned media,” which includes assets the brand controls (like their website or social media profiles), and “earned media,” which is essentially free publicity generated by outside entities (like news coverage, reviews, or word-of-mouth recommendations). 

A paid media specialist generally works with a portfolio of clients, building a results-driven paid media strategy and acting as the gatekeeper for a brand’s paid content budget. They analyze how and where to best utilize your paid media budget based on your goals.

Paid media specialists create, manage, and adjust a well-defined paid media strategy as needed based on performance. They know the ins and outs of all types of paid media, such as OTT, connected TV, and social media, and know when to deploy each.

Finding The Right Expert To Help With Your Paid Media Strategy 

Finding the right paid media specialist for your brand is the first step to paid content success. Not all paid content experts are created equal—they’ll each have their own unique skills and specialties. Follow these tips to find a paid media specialist that works best for you and your brand! 

Start By Understanding Their Depth of Industry Experience  

The paid media specialist you work with should have industry experience and be well-versed in the digital landscape of all things paid content. Some specialize in specific platforms or types of ads, such as Instagram ads, but not other types of paid media. Think about what platforms you feel your audience frequents, but also be open to new channels the paid media specialist recommends. Ask about their experience and the types of results they’ve garnered for past clients. You’ll want to feel that it’s a mutual fit.

Map Out The Total Investment and Compare Fees  

Each paid media specialist will have their own fees associated with their services. This is something you’ll need to work into your overall marketing budget. Take a look at various paid media specialists’ websites to see what packages they offer. Look at the value and deliverables they provide. Some may offer a sliding scale of flat fees, while others require a percentage of ad spend as a management fee. Clarity is crucial here so there are no surprises (the right paid media specialist is open about the cost (and benefits!) of working with them).

Clarify Their Availability and Timeline  

Make sure your paid media specialist is available to dedicate the time you’ll need as a client. You don’t want to go with a paid media specialist or agency that’s juggling too many clients. You’ll want someone who will make your brand and its goals a priority. After discussing their availability, get an idea of how much the timeline they’ll need to get started building your paid media strategy. Your time is valuable, and so is theirs—make sure you both are on the same page with these expectations.   

Prioritize Transparency and Efficient Communication  

Communication and transparency are key when working with a paid media specialist. It’s essential to establish regular meetings and set expectations of how often you will receive updates on the success of your paid media strategy. Find out what they’ll need from you to have the best experience and results. The best paid media specialist will always keep you updated on progress at a minimum monthly or even more frequently. They’ll request brand assets or tweaked creatives for testing with ample time to provide them. The right paid media strategist acts as a collaborative partner in your overall brand success.

Seek Out an Industry-Aligned Partner

Ideally, you want to work with a paid media specialist who has experience working in your specific industry (wellness brands, this means looking for those with experience with health, wellness, and aligned fields!). That way, you know they can build the right paid media strategy for the right audience on the right channels, applying a specialized approach to your paid media budget.

Stand Out from the Competition and Improve Paid Content ROI

When you’re ready to embark on a paid media strategy that delivers results, you’ll need expert guidance from a paid media specialist! Finding the right mix of industry experience, communication, and transparency is key to crafting high-performing paid content that drives returns. Ensure you’re asking the important questions when hiring a  paid media specialist, such as their experience, track record, availability, fees, and timeline. All of these aspects come together to lead you down the right path in building a successful paid media strategy for your brand.  

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