If you don’t know the “why” how can you be sure of the what and how? At Cultivating Media, we use a combination of behavioral consumer science, data, and the psychology of “why” to launch results-driven emerging media tactics that turn viewers into consumers. (And have a blast while doing it!)

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Connecting Wellness Trailblazers with Ready-to-Buy Consumers Through Creative OTT and CTV Advertising

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  • Persona Snapshots: Outline your target audiences, underscoring the preferences and behaviors that motivate them to buy.

  • Directional Insights: A high-level overview pinpointing the unique preferences of essential audience segments, setting the stage for more tailored marketing endeavors.

  • Competitive Differentiation: Equip yourself with knowledge that positions you a cut above competitors using broader, less targeted strategies.

Uncover the clarity needed to speak directly to your consumers in a way that moves them to engage and convert.

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Buyer Persona Workshop

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Amplifying Wellness Brands with OTT and CTV Advertising for actionable tactics you can implement to start driving conversions today!

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What if there was a way to skirt the challenges of market oversaturation? A way to quickly (and more affordably) reach not only customers, but retail partners and potential investors? The future of successful digital media buying lies in the creative ability to build campaigns on emerging channels that meet audiences where they’re at, and that creative ability is ours. Through emerging paid media tactics like OTT and CTV advertising, Cultivating Media strategically leverages streaming TV targeting to place ads on platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Peacock, and Max, ensuring that your brand meets consumers where they are and when they are ready to invest.  

Tapping Into The Untapped Potential of OTT and CTV Advertising