5 OTT Advertising Examples That Build Brand Recognition

February 21, 2024

Advertising on OTT platforms allows your wellness brand to create targeted, customizable, and interactive ads. OTT campaigns are an excellent way to build brand recognition with your target audience—they ensure your target audience correctly views your content at the right time and place. This is one of the most valuable benefits of OTT advertising. 

OTT ads allow brands to cater to the unique needs of those individuals who are most likely to purchase their products or services. Your OTT advertising strategy will help boost your brand’s visibility and increase recognition and awareness within the industry. 

If you’re new to OTT ads and want inspiration for your next campaign, we’ve got you covered! We’ll highlight some OTT advertising examples from top brands and discuss the reasoning behind their marketing techniques. Don’t touch that dial!   

Creating Brand Recognition Through Enticing OTT Ads 

It’s no secret that streaming has revolutionized how many people watch TV. The cable cutters increase as we switch to a more customized experience. This brings new opportunities for brands to craft their OTT advertising strategy. When advertising on OTT platforms, there are many providers and options for ad placement. So, where do you start when planning your OTT ads?    

Find inspiration for your OTT campaigns with these OTT advertising examples: 

Add a Level of Relatability   

What’s more relatable than being frustrated putting together furniture? This 15-second Headspace ad reminds us to breathe and give ourselves room to process our emotions. The Headspace app offers guided meditations and lessons on mindfulness. The end of the ad shows an example of one of their exercises that provides a solution to this aggravating situation.    

When you see the furniture piece fall and the look on the man’s face, you know exactly how he feels. We’ve all been there, and that’s what makes it relatable! Viewers can see themselves in this situation and envision how the app could help them. When you air relatable OTT ads, you’re more likely to appeal to your target audience and spark action.   

Include a Catchy Tagline  

We won’t expect you to hire a musician to create a jingle for your OTT ads (but we’re also not telling you NOT to do that—this one is super catchy!). When viewers get this quick 15-second ad from Burger King, they might not remember the exact deal off-hand, but they will randomly sing, “At BK, have it your way!”.  

For many years, Burger King has used this slogan, but they’ve put a new modern spin on it for this ad. They also have several ad variations with the jingle (like the “You Rule!” added touch at the end). This helps keep things interesting, entertaining, and memorable when advertising on OTT platforms.  

Make an Emotional Connection 

When you think about vacation rentals, what comes to mind? This 15-second VRBO ad is all about the moments. This ad portrays various families and friends using VRBO properties to spend and enjoy time together. You can feel the emotions tied to spending time with the people closest to you. 

VRBO shows the memories made at their various properties with this short and sweet ad. They point out, “It’s just you, your people, and no one else.” This may be their way of addressing hotels as their top competitor vs. a rental with no other guests besides your group. Viewers feel connected to the people in the ad as they imagine their own experiences—this creates an emotional connection.   

Inspire Your Viewers   

As the world gravitates toward leggings for working out, lounging, and everything else, Lululemon is having its shining moment! This 15-second ad from Lululemon shows a woman working out wearing their brand’s clothing. It uses descriptive words while demonstrating what it looks and feels like to work out while wearing their clothes.  

It’s inspiring because the viewer can picture themselves getting fit and enjoying clothing that feels secure and comfortable. Add music that goes along with that inspirational theme, and you have a recipe for success in an OTT advertising strategy!  

Create a POV Perspective  

The theme of this OTT advertising strategy gives a point of view (POV) perspective of using their product. This 30-second Instacart ad shows you an inside look at a typical day working from home. From each up-close shot of the drinks to the POV of ordering on the app, you feel like you’re part of the experience.    

Another standout aspect of this ad is not needing any voiceover or dialogue to convey the message. The ad relies on visuals and crisp audio (the opening of the drinks and ice shake are peak autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) moments) to give that up-close perspective. The text on the screen at the end is simple and to the point. When the viewer can see themselves in the scenario, they realize how it can fit into their own life.  

Build an OTT Advertising Strategy That Captivates Your Audience 

Embrace the popularity of streaming services by crafting your own OTT campaigns. The health and wellness industry is a competitive marketing space, and it’s essential to stand out from the crowd with compelling and creative OTT ads. Each one of our OTT advertising examples touches on ad techniques such as relatability, catchy taglines, emotional connections, inspiration, and point-of-view perspectives. Blending various approaches is the key to seeing what works best for your specific audience! 

If you want to connect with and convert new audiences, our team at Cultivating Media can help you launch your OTT advertising strategy. We’re experts at advertising on OTT platforms and know how to run both short- and long-term successful campaigns. Our passion lies in wellness, working with countless wellness brands on their paid media approaches. Learn more about our services for incorporating OTT into your overall paid media strategy. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!

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