What Are the Most Popular CTV Advertising Platforms in 2023?

November 22, 2023

If you’re unfamiliar with CTV ads, let’s bring you up to speed! Connected TV advertising uses CTV devices (such as Smart TVs, Amazon FireTV, Roku, Google Chromecast, etc.) to air ads when streaming live TV, movies, and shows from OTT platforms. Advertising on connected TV allows wellness brands (like yours!) to reach new audiences and hit touchpoints for their target market. 

Connected TV advertising is constantly evolving and creating innovative ways to engage with viewers. Some of the most evident connected TV trends this year include rapid growth for ad-supported options, increased popularity in streaming services, and the enhanced ability to better understand consumer trends and behaviors. This is extremely beneficial because it highlights the importance of understanding CTV advertising platforms and incorporating them into your wellness brand’s ad initiatives! 

Are you to take your brand to the next level with advertising on connected TV? At Cultivating Media, we’re experts on paid media and specialize in working with wellness brands! We’ll review the most popular CTV advertising platforms and give you the scoop on each. Now, let’s start making a game plan for your wellness brand’s CTV experience! 

Top Platforms for Connected TV Advertising 

So, you want to start dipping your toes into advertising on connected TV, but you need help figuring out where to start? Well, you’re in the right place! There are various CTV platforms where wellness brands can run their CTV ads, and each one has its own format with devices that it streams through.  

The most important thing to remember is to keep your target audience in mind. This is where your buyer personas will come in handy when determining which platforms are most advantageous to run ads on. What platforms would your target audience most likely use? Those are the ones you want to air your CTV ads on! 

These are the leading CTV advertising platforms to choose from: 

Streaming Services 

Chances are you’re more familiar with streaming services than you think! You’ve probably used at least one or two (if not all!) of these platforms at some point. Essentially, streaming services deliver content to their subscribers via an internet connection. Viewers can stream over-the-top (OTT) content from their Smart TV, CTV device, or computer through services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Peacock TV.  

Each one of these streaming platforms offers advertisers unique benefits in terms of reach, features, and cost per thousand impressions. They also have different types of available programming, which will impact the audience you can target. When buying OTT ads, look at your budget and target audience and select CTV advertising platforms that align with them. 

On-Demand Video  

Let’s say someone wants to cut the cord on traditional cable and switch to streaming. But what if they don’t want to miss out on their favorite live TV and on-demand content they get with cable? This could include live sports, news, or local channels in their regular rotation. On-demand video platforms can help solve this—for an additional subscription fee on top of regular streaming services. 

There are plenty of options available with platforms such as Pluto TV, Vudu, Sling TV, Fubo, and Tubi. Each one has its own subscription pricing tiers with various channels. It’s important to note that some providers have deals with different channels. For example, Sling TV doesn’t have specific local channels that other streaming options do. They make up for that by offering a lower subscription price, so it all depends on the viewers’ needs and wants for their channels.  

Smart TV Apps 

First, let’s go over the difference between a traditional TV and a Smart TV. A conventional TV doesn’t have an internet connection, only a cable connection. To use streaming services on a traditional TV, you’d need to purchase a CTV device to connect it to the internet and access Smart TV apps. With a Smart TV, you turn it on, and you already have all of your Smart TV apps on the main home screen.  

Smart TV apps are very similar to the apps you have on your phone. Instead, they’re on your TV! When you look at the display of a Smart TV, you’ll generally see all of the small logos across the bottom of the screen. Those logos are your Smart TV apps such as Amazon Prime Video, NBC, and YouTube. Some of these will require an additional subscription to view, and others might already be part of your Smart TV or CTV device programming.   

Gaming Consoles 

These devices are no longer just for playing games! You can also stream many of your favorite programs on gaming consoles. Whether you use Xbox or PlayStation, gamers can tune into Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+, and more, depending on the device. Game consoles are just another option as a CTV device that gives the viewer the flexibility to stream on their non-SmartTVs if they want to.   

Choose the Best Platform for Your CTV Ads 

If you’ve yet to explore the world of CTV advertising platforms, now is the time! As a wellness brand, the market can be highly competitive and oversaturated. That’s why it’s crucial to tap into the potential of advertising on connected TV to boost your paid media strategy! Connected TV advertising allows you to reach new potential clients and customers through quickly growing CTV platforms.  

Are you looking for guidance with your CTV ads? Cultivating Media is your go-to source for all things digital media buying. We partner with wellness brands ready to make their mark in the industry using data-driven paid media strategies. Harness the power of social, CTV, and OTT ads as they work together to elevate your brand! 

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