7 Paid Social Ads Best Practices for Wellness Brands

October 18, 2023

As more people prioritize health and wellness, paid social ads best practices are starting to shift for wellness brands. I’ve worked with many wellness brands over the years, each serving a unique and fulfilling purpose. That being said, I’ve seen this industry grow, and the target market within the health and wellness industry has become extremely vast!  

Your target audience might want to get in shape, look younger, reduce symptoms associated with medical conditions, or other desires that make them ideal for products and services in the wellness space. Wellness brands across the board have listened to what the public wants and have delivered! Now, it’s a matter of reaching the right audiences that will resonate most with your specific solutions.   

Knowing this, wellness brands must clearly identify their target audience with precision targeting to effectively sell their products and services. Once you’ve honed in on your buyer personas and discovered your why, the rest of the details lie in creating the best paid social ads and campaigns to captivate and convert them.  Let’s get into some best practices to launch your next paid social campaign—you’ve got this!  

How To Create the Best Paid Social Ads Strategy

Time to rock your paid advertising strategy wellness brands! I hope you’re feeling good about your brand because you’re about to help a wide range of people improve their health and wellness. That’s something to get excited about! Now it’s time to switch to your wellness marketing mode and follow these paid social ads best practices.  

1. Establish clear advertising goals  

Know exactly what you’re looking to achieve with your paid social campaigns before you make any moves. Creating a game plan outlining what you want to get out of your social ads is essential to their success. Your brand’s advertising effectiveness relies on making strategic decisions based on those goals! Maybe you want to grow your email list, boost sales, increase website traffic, generate leads, or build brand awareness. Whatever your campaign goals are, you need to know these upfront to shape your paid advertising strategy.  

2. Create a strong social media presence  

When creating a paid social campaign, whichever platform you’re advertising on must have a thriving brand profile to go along with it. If people click on your ads and view your profile out of curiosity, you want to pique their interest, not drive them away. Start by optimizing your profiles, keeping an eye on algorithms and updates, and staying on a consistent posting schedule. Ensure your social media profiles express your brand image, voice, and vision that aligns with your wellness marketing campaign.   

3. Promote authenticity  

Building a paid advertising strategy on social comes down to authenticity to boost advertising effectiveness. Focus on being relatable and genuine with your target audience as you promote your brand’s product or service. Stick to your brand’s value and mission by ensuring they align with what you post. Social media users seek full transparency from ads they interact with on various platforms. This is how your brand can build trust with consumers and connect on a more personal level.   

4. Generate engaging content  

Content helps you establish a connection between your brand and your audience. You want users to engage with your content through shares, likes, saves, and comments. The best paid social ads use a combination of static posts, images, videos, and text to make your brand stand out. Wellness brands have the opportunity to educate and inspire their audience through engaging content on social. When your paid advertising strategy centers on content that encourages your audience to take action, that’s when you see results.   

5. Monitor the competition  

Think about similar wellness brands in your industry. Take a look at their social media pages and how they interact with their audience. What does their paid social strategy look like? Researching competing ads and behaviors is crucial to your success with paid social. Gain insight into what works and what doesn’t in your industry. The best paid social ads capitalize on the gaps to break through and stand out in the scroll.

6. Collaborate with influencers  

Partnering with influencers is another effective way to spread the word about your brand. These social media content creators have established credibility in a specific industry. When choosing who to partner with, make sure they align with your brand. Add influencer content whitelisting to get more value from your paid advertising strategy. This is when brands run ads using influencer content through the influencer’s own social media account. This way, you can reach their followers as they share their views of your brand on their social platforms.   

7. Follow platform guidelines  

No brand wants to invest money into paid ad campaigns that never get off the ground! Educating yourself on each social media platform’s advertising guidelines is crucial. Read through the rules and regulations before creating your paid advertising strategy. Overall, some of the common themes in these terms will be regarding disclosures, transparency, truthfulness, accuracy, privacy, consent, compliance, and awareness. Ensure you’re following all of the rules as you create your wellness marketing ads.    

Level Up Your Results with the Best Emerging and Paid Social Agency For Your Brand

Through these paid social ads best practices, wellness brands can better reach their target audience and make a positive impact with their product or service. Wellness marketing has to get more targeted as the industry gets increasingly saturated. But with the right advertising paired with authentic and engaging content, anything is possible!  

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