5 CTV Advertising Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

November 15, 2023

Harnessing the power of CTV ads gives your wellness brand many possibilities! With the ever-evolving digital landscape, brands constantly seek new and innovative ways to reach their target market. Gaining a competitive advantage is crucial, especially in highly saturated industries such as health and wellness. With the rise of CTV advertising, companies must invest in creative advertising campaigns to ensure they effectively and efficiently interact with their intended audience.   

As wellness brands explore this new CTV platform, they can pinpoint niche viewers. When you can connect with viewers who resonate with your brand, you can increase recognition, enhance engagement, and improve conversion rates. At the very least, positive word-of-mouth can amplify your marketing efforts and make more people aware of your products and services.  

At Cultivating Media, we’ve seen an abundance of creative advertising campaigns through CTV that left a long-lasting impact on viewers! With only 15–60 seconds to captivate your audience, every word, image, and detail of your ad must be perfectly in sync. So, put your money to good use and make those CTV ads shine! 

Not sure how to begin working on your CTV campaign? Let’s review some inspiring CTV advertising examples to help kickstart your brainstorming session. Something may catch your eye along the way!

Creative Advertising Campaigns That Captivate Audiences  

You might feel overwhelmed if you’re new to the world of CTV ads. But there’s no reason to fret. We’re here for you! The key takeaway is that CTV lets you visually and verbally captivate your intended audience through paid media ads. Due to time restrictions, you need to get creative in what you include in your campaign—you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So, make it count! 

Think about when you’re streaming your favorite shows through a CTV device. You’re really into watching your show when an advertisement appears at the worst possible moment, leaving you on a cliffhanger. But you’re stuck watching the ad before you can see what happens next.   

Who said these ads can’t be as entertaining as the shows? Running fun, informative, and engaging CTV ads can retain an audience’s attention and increase the campaign’s effectiveness. You need to piggyback off the momentum brought by the show and keep viewer engagement at an all-time high. 

Here are some CTV advertising examples to help you implement your campaign strategy:  

Show Your Product in Action 

Demonstrating how your product works in 15 seconds might seem challenging, but it’s also incredibly impactful! Most people know Peloton as the workout bike, but this ad lets viewers know they can get great at-home workouts from the app even without the bike. Show your target audience how your product works so they can envision themselves using it firsthand! 

Engage With Storytelling 

This Starbucks ad pulls at viewers’ heartstrings while also being incredibly relatable. Consider the reason people watch CTV in the first place, whether it’s watching a movie or TV show. When you include an ad that tells a story, it’s like a quick one-minute episode of a show in between what they were watching. It feels less like an ad and provides a more emotional connection to your brand.  

Make Them Laugh 

If you didn’t think to buy back-to-school items on Amazon, this ad might make you rethink your decision! This ad pokes fun at how much parents must spend each school year (parents, we can ALL relate to this in some way!). Making your CTV ad have a bit of humor makes it more memorable, catches viewers’ attention, and associates a positive feeling with your brand. Funny ads make an impact on viewers, and that’s why they’re so popular! 

Get Straight to the Point 

This CTV campaign from Audi USA gives all the details right up front. We know how small attention spans are, so sometimes, the best strategy is to tell it like it is. Here’s who we are, what we sell, and how you can buy from us—all done within 15 seconds. These ads provide a visual that shows the product in action, and lists all offer details in an easy-to-digest format. Having the information in the beginning makes it easier for your viewers to make their purchasing decisions (hopefully with your brand!).    

Provide Testimonials 

Digital writing assistant Grammarly uses a testimonial style ad to showcase the vast possibilities for using its product. The ad includes different people explaining how they use Grammarly. These individuals recommend trying the product—letting the “customers,” rather than the advertisers, influence viewers to download the product (although these may have been actors, the effect remains the same!).   

Unlock the Possibilities of CTV Ads for Your Wellness Brand 

What did you think of those CTV advertising examples? One of the best ways to reach your intended audience is by crafting creative advertising campaigns like the ones outlined above. Using strategies that show your product in action, engage in storytelling, add humor, get to the point, and provide testimonials will help deliver results in your ad campaigns!  

Compared to traditional TV ads, CTV advertising stands out in the digital landscape through the personalization and customization that comes with it! Like the Connected TV examples we’ve just shared, you can target your ads to specific viewers that fall within your ideal audience. It allows you to get granular with the data on who sees your specific ads. This means more viewers who can relate to your wellness brand see your CTV ads. 

Now it’s time for the fun part: taking the leap into CTV advertising! Cultivating Media is ready to partner with your wellness brand to create a paid media strategy that delivers measurable results. We’ll help you craft your digital media buying plan from top to bottom. Let’s grow your brand together—reach out today to get started!

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