35 Buyer Persona Questions To Include in an Audience Analysis

January 3, 2024

How well do you know your audience? If you don’t know much about them, it’s time to change that! Otherwise, figuring out if your audience will actually be interested in your wellness brand can take time and effort. Think about the types of consumers buying your product or service, and then hone in on the details!   

When you take a deep dive into your brand’s target audience persona, you’ll uncover those who are most likely to engage with your brand and require your products or services. Using this information, you can cater your ads to your intended audience! You’ll know what type of ads to run, the platforms and channels to choose, which groups to show these ads to, and at what time.  

All of this sounds great, but how do you figure it out? It starts with an audience research analysis where you ask those crucial buyer persona questions. This is how you can begin to plan and map out the ideal audience for your wellness brand.  

First, we’ll review the key differences between buyer persona and target audience. Then we’ll give you our top persona questions to get to know your audience—let’s get to it! 

Understanding Buyer Persona and Target Audience 

As you begin to map out your audience research analysis, you’re bound to come across two seemingly similar terms: buyer persona and target audience. Although each one plays a role in getting to know your audience and how to advertise to them, they focus on different data. We’ll start with the basics of each! 

Buyer Persona 

Your wellness brand’s buyer persona represents detailed profiles of your ideal consumer. While fictional, they represent real people in your audience with similar demographics, beliefs, and behaviors. Many buyer persona questions revolve around age, gender, profession, interests, values, and shopping habits. The more information you acquire, the better! Your wellness brand’s buyer persona will help you create strategic marketing plans that reach those most likely to purchase. 

Target Audience 

Your wellness brand’s target audience is a broader representation of your audience and comprises people who share specific characteristics that make your product or service relevant. While target audience questions cover things like demographics and psychographics, they aren’t as refined as your buyer persona questions.  

Think of a buyer persona and target audience like a Monet painting. As you get closer, each brush stroke (buyer persona) makes up the bigger picture from afar (target audience). Now it’s time to paint the final masterpiece with the right tools (buyer persona questions!).  

Top Persona Questions To Help Establish Your Brand’s Audience 

Now, let’s jump right into asking those essential buyer persona questions to help you pinpoint your ideal consumers! The possibilities of all the persona questions to ask are endless. However, breaking them into categories can make them more manageable and easier to organize.  

Start with these buyer persona questions to kick off your audience research analysis: 

Personal Information 

This set of persona questions covers all the details on the demographics of your ideal consumer: 

  • How old are they? 
  • What gender do they identify with? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • What’s their ethnicity? 
  • What’s their marital status? 
  • Do they have any children? 
  • Do they currently rent or own? 
  • What’s their educational background? 

Professional Information 

Next up is uncovering your consumer’s professional background and career aspirations: 

  • What’s their current occupation? 
  • What industry do they work in? 
  • How big is the company they work for? 
  • What skills do they need for their job? 
  • What’s their career path like? 
  • How long have they been with their current company? 
  • Are they satisfied with their current job? 
  • What are their regular working hours? 
  • What does a typical workday look like? 

Goals and Challenges 

Gain insight into your consumers’ goals and potential roadblocks: 

  • What personal goals do they have? 
  • What professional goals do they have? 
  • Why are these goals important to them? 
  • How do they prioritize their goals? 
  • What challenges do they face in achieving their goals? 
  • What problems do these challenges cause? 
  • What do they need to achieve their goals? 
  • How can your product or service help? 
  • What would motivate them to seek a solution? 

Values and Fears  

Now it’s time to put together the final puzzle pieces to understand pain points and what drives their buying decisions: 

  • What do they value in their personal life? 
  • What do they value in their professional life?  
  • What’s important to them when considering a product or service like yours? 
  • How would their life be without your products or services? 
  • What objections might they have to making the purchase? 
  • What drives their decision-making process? 
  • What other competitors have they considered? 
  • How much research do they do before a purchase? 
  • Are they likely to make impulsive buying decisions? 

All the above questions will help you create your wellness brand’s buyer persona when completing a thorough audience research analysis. 

Why Is Audience Analysis Important? 

As you uncover these buyer persona questions, you might wonder, “Why is audience analysis important?” To be successful in marketing, it’s critical that you fully understand the audience you’re interacting with. Without an audience research analysis, you must make assumptions without the proper data to back it up (this doesn’t help anyone involved!). That’s why asking these persona questions is key to understanding your target audience.  

At Cultivating Media, we know how overwhelming it can be to determine your wellness brand’s target audience and buyer personas. That’s why we’re here and ready to help you maximize your paid media budget! Whether you’re looking to develop your buyer personas or go into an in-depth target audience analysis, we have options for you to choose from that best fit your needs.  

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you gain key insights into your target consumers. Let’s work together to ensure every decision you make is data-informed and results-driven!

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